NOTE: T106 will close after April 12th and reopen in Sept 2023. If you require equipment for university project work/internships, please contact Jason at

T106 hours of operation for the 2022-2023 academic year are as follows:

Monday - Friday, 8:30am-12pm & 1pm-5pm

Saturday & Sunday, 1pm-4pm

Bookings can be up to three days in length (maximum). For BMST students during the Winter semester, bookings get very busy and you may be limited to the amount of equipment you can loan as well as duration. Please speak to Jason Kokot to discuss you situation, should this cause an issue.

T106 loan terms and conditions:

While in your care, if equipment is returned late and/or items are missing or damaged, a note will be placed on your file. Multiple infractions may lead to loss of booking privileges. Should you fail to comply with these terms and conditions, MRU has the right to terminate access to the equipment and reclaim the equipment.

T106 Equipment Loans rules and policies:

1. Equipment must be returned on time and in the condition which it was provided.
2. Communication must be kept with equipment managers via email, phone (403.440.6055), or in person, especially in the event that a booking cannot adhere to the equipment room policies.
3. Please be well informed on all the processes regarding booking equipment and how to use the booking software. Any gear you need for a project must be made under a single booking. The only exception to this rule is when pick up dates/times vary. Equipment managers are available for questions but they are not required to provide extensive instruction.
4. Rentals are not permitted to exceed 72 hours unless students have consulted Jason Kokot or Irv Ratushniak. Please be advised that a written email must be provided in advance as proof of the conversation. Also, note that the broadcasting program will be limited to 48-hour rentals in the winter semester due to high demand.
5. Any damages or malfunctions must be reported to equipment managers upon return.
6. Full responsibility falls on the individual whose name the booking is under, even if the equipment is picked up, used, or returned by someone else.
7. Regardless of whether or not a piece of equipment is working, it is never acceptable to throw out a piece of the kit without consultation of an equipment manager.
8. T106 is a work area. It is not a place for loitering, or making yourself at home. Just like in a store, only employees are allowed behind the counter or desk unless otherwise permitted (always ask). The equipment managers have a lot to focus on, so please do not waste their time getting in the way, staying longer than necessary or going where you shouldn't be going.
9. Please do NOT knock on the door outside our hours of operations. Equipment managers may be in the office, but they are not obligated to help you during their break.
**A violation of any of the rules stated above and/or inappropriate behavior towards equipment managers may result in the indefinite suspension of your rental privileges.**